Wednesday, October 7, 2009


People don’t know about the things I say and do,
They don’t understand about the shit that I’ve been through,
It’s been so long since I’ve been home, I’ve been gone….
I’ve been gone for way too long,
Maybe I forgot all the things I miss,
Somehow I know there’s more to life than this,
I said it too many times and I still stand firm,
You get what you put in and people get what they deserve,
Still I ain’t seen mine…No, I ain’t seen mine…
I’ve been giving just ain’t been getting,
I’ve been walking that thin line,
So I think I’ll keep on walking…with my head held high,
I’ll keep moving on…
- Kid Rock -
The weather is not pissed off. Not pissed as in "bloody legless" kinda pissed, I am just not in a very "sunny" mood. The day didn't start out all sunny either, it rained cats, dogs and a few wolly mammoths just as I was about to leave the house this morning. Maybe I am just not very "mesra alam" today so it takes very little to turn the mood dial to the full blown head-banging-on-wall-I-wish-I-was-somewhere-else indicator.
The feeling that life have not exactly been "fair" lately sure doesn't help...just can't seem to do anything right, you "get it" when you are bad and you "GET IT AS WELL" when you are doing your damnest to do the right thing and be good and nice and sugar and spice...
GOD...I didn't have a choice...YOU didn't give me any...I tried to be true...I did the right thing...why do I feel so bloody lousy then???...............I guess only GOD knows why...........
Ahhhhh...felt good to get that off my (ample) chest... raya blues folks, wish I had 35 days of annual leave (and that's only the annual leave which is being brought forward from last year) like someone I know in the department. But I do not so " I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go". just has not been the same since Raya. I loved my Raya leave despite the fact that I was covered in paint most of the time. Didn't have the required RM to pay for others to paint the family "mansion" in Mantin-Montreal so did it myself with the help of me hubby. Was fun though. Then I decorated me mum's room, turned it into a garden full of roses...that was fun also. Painted the living room, dining room, tv room and my brother's room as well, it turned out really professional like... that's a bit of "masuk bakul angkat sendiri" 'kay. Will post the photos soon together with photos of the "D' DEBABS' RAYA" celebration at the "Maison de Batu 8" in Mantin-Montreal including the ever so glamorous "all-together-now" family photos.
Till then...

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