Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This should have been posted long ago, but due to another event of an "earth shattering magnitude" this got placed on the back burner. But I got around to finishing it finally, so here goes.
Alahai Mak Long,

On the 23/03/2010 Mader called me and said that your soon-to-be-daughter-in-law was wondering if the wedding can be brought forward to the 2nd of May, 2010. I nearly turned into a "Naga-gunung-berapi-kepala tujuh-puluh-tujuh" but I managed to maintain my cool. That is if you consider spouting steam from my nostrils as "cool". I felt like singing "Ubekkan den aiiiiii... ubekkan den aiiiiiii...sakitnyo jago...orghang bacinto...(please sing according to the melody of the Minangkabau song..."Ubekkan den...").

Sesungguhnya sangatlah poyores cousin ku ini...Alahai omak kahwinkan aku!!!

Alhamdulillah, the "bringing forward of dates" never materialised and we are back to the original schedule, engagement on 02/05/2010 and wedding proper on 29/05/2010. Whew!!! Anyways, on 20/03/2010, I "forced-at-gun-point" the two lovey-dovey magpies (I am sooooo mean!!!) to go shopping for the "barang hantaran". So I waited for them at SOGO, as it was having a sale and my hubby had to take care of a "showcase" nearby. But as usual, Mr Poyores was late and I actually fell asleep on the bench in SOGO, only to be awaken by an old friend who happened to be shopping there. Nasib baik tak meleleh ayaq liog, kalau tidak habis glamer mak!

At last, he arrived dengan muka ala-ala kucing manja...hmmmm, ada cam Rajinikanth sikit kan, especially with the "misai melintang ular sawa".

When the happy couple finally arrived, I was not actually in the best of moods. So there was quite a bit of "muncung" initially. Nevertheless, we went a walking to the shoe section and Mr Poyores said he couldn't find anything to his liking. Nevermind...we left the shoe section and checked out the shirts and pants. Mader wanted a pair of pants which are straight cut, meant for slim men...ehem...he seems to have forgotten the "little" bump around his waist. Nevertheless, we found something to his liking and after walking up and down the aisle several times, got his shirt, managed to find his belt, wallet and finally he found a pair of shoes to his liking. Then it was Lin's turn...yessss... I finally get to introduce your "bakal menantu"...drum roll please...

TA-DA!!! Lin, the bakal Mrs Mohd Mahathir Bin Ma'amor...cooling down at SOGO's foodcourt during a break in the shopping frenzy.

The artificial waterfall at SOGO's food court...it's been around for quite some time.

At first I thought that this was one fat "koi" but then realised that it's "preggy". Maybe it was trying to tell me something..he...he...

My hubby, earlier on when we were among the first to arrive at the food court, having a meal before rushing off to handle the "showcase", which was, Alhamdulillah a success.

So off we went to the perfume section. Mader wanted to get his "Sean John" at Parksons' as he was of the opinion that they had a better deal. Fine by me, I am all for better deals. Anyways, we stopped at the Elizabeth Arden counter as Lin wanted perfume and make-up as well. Mader and I were both intetersted in the new Mariah Carey perfume, I believe it was called "Miracle". It came with a big tube of body lotion. But then the saleslady introduced us to the "little red box of wonders". It had like several lipstick, several lip and eye liners, several eyeshadow palettes, several this and several that plus one big bottle of Arden perfume. Well, for your info Mak Long, your future daughter in law is what the Kelantanese would call, a "berjangok" type of person. This means she dresses up and unlike moi, likes to make her self up. Hence the love for the big girl's version of "crayons". The "little red box" is actually worth more than RM1,000.00 but due to the SOGO sale was going off at RM400++. Quite a bargain!

Mader and Lin, in front of the Elizabeth Arden counter, being introduced to the amazing little red box full of "crayons, pencil colours and water colour palettes" for big girls.

Mader wanted Lin to get the perfume and body lotion sans the "little red box of wonders". By the glint in his eyes Mak Long, I believe your eldest had some "kinky" plans for the body lotion...hmmmm...waang ko gata yo Mader. But I could see that Lin was hooked on the "little red box and if I was a lady who loves make-ups, I would too. So hubby and I (by then, my hubby had finished his "showcase" and had joined us in SOGO) left them to decide while we harassed the other salesperson. Hubby tried a sample of the "Hummer" perfume. Can you believe it, the "Hummer" or "Humvee" actually has a perfume line? The perfume was very strong and "very- the-male"one! Didn't like it, though I luuurrrrvvvveeeee the vehicle...can I have one for my next birthday? Someone? Anyone?

Lin under pressure...should she get the perfume plus body lotion which comes with one lipstick and an eye-shadow duo or should she go for that "amazing little red box full of rainbow colours"?

Finally the "little red box of wonders" won! Then off we went to get Lin's shoes, which experience was a study in patience, as all four of us waddled (after five hours of shopping, walking was no longer an option, so like ducks we waddled) and I was always on the look out for space on which to rest my ample derriere. Thank Allah there were several...hmmmmm...Joy to the world!

Lin looking relieved after she finally made the decision to go for the make-up and perfume sans body lotion.

And finally we got Mr Poyore his watch...cantik Mak Long and a bargain as well...so finally after nearly six hours of shopping, starting from 3.00 p.m. and only stopping because SOGO was closing down for the day, we said our goodbyes and went home. Mader and Lin went off to KLCC to see Arose and present her with the days loot for her "perusal and comments" (a bit of legal lingo there) while hubby and me dragged ourselves to the car and drove home...letih giler Mak Long but it was worth it...

So I guess this time it is really, really for real. Mak Long, wherever you are please give us your blessing and forgive our shortcomings for we are just kids trying to make the best of the situation. Ibu is no longer the sprightly lady she used to be, I guess age is catching up with your younger sister, so she is not able to actually be there for the shopping and "running around like headless chicken" situations. But she knows whats going on. Other than that, we are flying by the seat of our pants here, carrying out our obligations as best as we can based on our love for Mader. Don't worry, despite our never-ending "dush,dush, kapowwwing" (again the sound effect from a fight scene in a Tamil movie) of Mader, he is much loved.

So wherever you are, rest assured that we'll see Mader through this the best that we can. And if you see "the Big Kahuna" in heaven, can you please ask Him to bless this union of lives and souls. May they be happy together for the rest of their lives.

Love you Mak Long...Miss You much...

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