Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On 27th June, 2009 my husband and I had lunch in "Chiengmai"...and we didn't even have to renew our international pasports. Dangerous? Not really, cause "Chiengmai" is situated in Kampung Melayu Sungai Buloh... My husband has been waxing lyrical about the place since he went there for lunch with a friend and Sunflower has also mentioned that the food is good. Sunflower is a regular. She's been going to "Chiengmai" since it was a mere warung with upside down umbrellas as decoration.

The printed napkin...anyone interested in making reservations?

The view of the entrance from the restaurant...lotsa parking space.

My hubby admiring the decor of the "wakaf" outside the restaurant. Notice the upside down brollies? I guess it's a reminder of their humble beginnings.

The view of the restaurant...and my hubby. Notice the satisfied smile? This photo was taken as we were leaving the restaurant...kenyang perut senang hati.

The food that we ordered, ayam daun pandan, tomyam campur, sayur campur and air longan.

The longan is served in a aluminium bowl with ice. You can then "ceduk" as much as you want into smaller bowls and add the mineral water (which comes with the longan order) to adjust the sweetness.

The smaller bowl of longan.

The ayam pandan...up close and personal.

One of the several portions of the tom yam campur which I thoroughly enjoyed that day. It's different from the usual tom yam, very "pekat" and spicy.

The sayur campur and the "rose" decor.

This area serves as both the counter where you pay your bill and the desert table.

The array of dessert...all very sweeeeeetttttttttt!

The time of reckoning...bill please!

The fish pond...part of the decor outside the restaurant.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for the ability and opportunity to enjoy this meal and for this person I love and for all the people who have made my life more family, my friends.

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