Tuesday, July 28, 2009


After the very satisfying meal at "Chiengmai", my hubby and I drove to the nurseries in Sungai Buluh. Me, the budding "not-so-green fingers" wanted to buy some flowers for the house.
The first flowers we encountered were "Bougainvilleas" (I hope I spelled this right). I bought four, one white, one chilli red, one orange and one yellow. I also bought one "keladi tebuk" (its a "pokok keladi" with leaves that have holes in it), another plant which I believe belongs to the "helliconia" family and one vietnamese jasmine. I wanted the jasmine to compliment the "pokok kesidang" which I already have at the house. I was also looking for the "Harum Sundal Malam" flower but to no avail...never mind, I am sure we will cross paths one day.

The nursery where we bought our bougainvilleas.


I fell in love with these huge, and I mean HUGE bunga raya. Bought a few, bright red, white with red centre, the softest silkiest purple and the little "fire engine red" bunga raya bunched up like little scarlet bells . Then I found the "dahlias". My ibu used to have them. So did her friends but they seem to have disappeared into the woodworks (the dahlias, I mean, not the aunties, they are still around). Maybe the "dahlia", being the "quiet, elegant flower" that it is have taken a backseat to the more spectacular roses and orchids. Nevertheless, I bought two pots of "dahlia" but discovered that I have been blessed as one of the pots actually had two plants of different colours. Alhamdulillah!
Sungai Buloh brought back the nostalgia of my childhood, in several air force bases around Malaysia. My ibu was, and still is, an avid gardener. She loved her flowers. I was taught from an early age that flowers are not for picking, they are there for you to enjoy their beauty. Pick any of my ibu's flowers and all hell will break loose, not to mention a few "cubit-cubitan tak berapa manja".
My hubby and I wandered in a heady daze around the nurseries (can you believe that it was his first time in Sungai Buloh's nurseries?) and of course we bumped into the orchids...eye candy all the way!

There was this nursery which specialises in orchids...I rasa nak berguling-guling atas jalanraya tengok bunga dia!

Ya Allah, dia orang ni pakai baja apa agaknya?


Didn't buy any orchids though. I am not really an expert with flowers and as orchids tend to be rather finicky, I think its better that they be left in the hands of my most learned Ibu. So I took my flowers home...and that my friends is another story.

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