Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I once read this phrase somewhere..."days of wine and roses". I believe it connotes a state of utter bliss, where everything is like those old movies set in the mediterranean. I am not sure why but whenever I think of this phrase, the image of Princess Grace of Monaco or that lady who starred in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" always come into mind. Alamak, apa nama dia ya??? Haaaa...Audrey Hepburn!!! Thank you to Cik Pah for her assistance.

She was also in "The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain". That's a phrase Roza, not the movie title! Aiyooo!!! What's the name of that movie?'s "My Fair Lady". It's based on the book titled "Pygmalion" and according to my english teacher, Ms Thomas (God bless her for after three years of teaching me english, she became a nun!), the movie was not true to the spirit of the book, because in the movie Eliza Doolittle (the Cockney girl potrayed by Ms Hepburn) married Professor Higgins. In the book she married Freddy Eynsford-Hill because she got tired of Professor Higgin's domineering ways. Well ladies and gentlemen, that's a bit of trivia for you today.

Anyways, it was Saturday, 1st August, 2009. My hubby had to work. After sending him to Angkasapuri, dengan muncung panjang berdepa-depa I drove (very fast...heh...heh) back to Mantin-Montreal. It's an old family joke. My ayah likes to claim that he's from Montreal... Mantin-Montreal. He was actually in Montreal for some time during the sixties as he had to attend a course with the Canadian Air Force. However on that day, my dad was not home. He had to attend an AGM in KL. What a day, all the men I love out in KL and a few parties were organizing a rally to protest against the ISA in the capital city as well. I was worried, so was my ibu. Only the two of us at home together with the cats. We were getting our knickers in a twist with worrying, so my ibu suggested that we do something to get our mind of the matter. She asked me to help her pick the "limau kasturi" (lime).

So off I went to the side of the house. There was this scrawny tree, tall but "alahai...kedingnya". Tapi jangan pandang tak ada mata, keding-keding si pokok limau, buah meluyut sampai ke tanah!

The lime tree...yang keding dan tak banyak daun tapi banyak sangat buahnya.

Close up...check out the fruits.

Sungguh banyak buah.

Seronoknya petik buah limau kasturi...

My ibu really has green fingers...daripada anak sampaikan buah semuanya size XXL!

My haul of the day.

Just to prove that the plastic bag is not a small one!

Ada sesiapa nak mandi limau??? Kalau perah rasanya dapat satu baldi air limau nih.

Chilli tree, very pretty and the chilli fruit is hot, and the taste of that little chilli, is impossible to beat! (Please sing according to the melody of the song "Lemon Tree")

Cantik kan...merah, merah, merah...kalau buat sambal colek nih...nyam...nyam...

My first chilli (padi) tree!

Hasil daripada pokok cili padi pertama ku. house is not a villa in the South of's just a humble kampung house in a small village in Negeri Sembilan (HIDUP YAMTUAN!). I was not picking grapes, just "Limau Kasturi"... but I had the best ibu, the weather was nice and balmy, the nescafe was just right, the food wonderful, the conversation flowed and I was relaxed and happy...

In my book, the day was perfect...I was in a state of utter I guess it was my own Malaysian version of "a day of wine and roses"...I LOVE YOU IBU!!!

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