Thursday, September 3, 2009


Have you guys ever heard the song "The Boxer" by Art & Garfunkel? It's a good song, something that reminds you of the "Make Love Not War" era, just like "Mrs Robinson". "Mrs Robinson" was the theme song for the film titled "the Graduate", I think it starred a very young Dustin Hoffman who played the character of a young man being seduced by an older woman, played by Anne Bancroft. It's a classic.

To me, songs by this duo are always very "windy". No, they do not break wind when they are singing it, but I always think of the moors in Yorkshire whenever I hear them, especially "Greensleeves", as it's very windy in the moors. They have a poem about this, about a man who lost his hat during a windy spell in the moors. I remember asking the lady at the Information Centre about it when my friends and I went on a hiking trip in Yorkshire. It was in Barnsley (or was it Burnley???) if I am not mistaken. Nice day, good friends, one of these days I'm going back there for a walk down memory lane and this time I am dragging my husband along. He should feel at home in Yorkshire, both the population of Yorkshire and my hubby speak english the same way, with a thick accent, only his is Kelantanese...ha...ha...ha!

My hubby...thinks of himself as a sportsman. Well, in a way he is. He plays football, he plays badminton (once upon a time in a far away galaxy called Kota Baharu) and his latest passion (other than moi!) is bowling.

So one not-so-fine Sunday, 5th July, 2009 to be exact, I was dragged to attend a bowling tournament that he was taking part in as a representative for KLfm. The tournament was held at Mutiara Bowl which is situated at the Mutiara Shopping Complex which itself is located somewhere along Jalan Ipoh.

Ze' banner for ze tournament.

See...that's the name and the logo of the Bowling Centre.

My hubby and his the way my hubby is Paparay.

My hubby making sure they spelled his name right.

Posing gaya lentuk sebelum memulakan perjuangan.

My hubby posing with his brand new ball...bowling ball ladies and gents, bowling ball.

My hubby...membaca mentera "semerah padi" sambil mengusapkan-usap bolanya, bola bowlingnya ok, bola bowlingnya.

Gaya mesti ada beb, gaya mesti ada!'ve got to admit it...the man's got style, and he's mine! All mine!Muahahahaha! (gelak ala jin dalam cerita "Ahmad Albab")

The same man praying that this time he will make a strike and not strike out.

Satu lagi gaya menarik dari "The Ultimate Bowler", bukan "Ultimate Warrior" ya.

My hubby's team mates, KAMARUDDIN a.k.a Kzie and Mimie.

A few "celebs" were also in the's Yantzen and Salwa Abdul Rahman. For those who are not familiar with their work, they used to be "BIG" during the 80's.

Sad to say, my hubby's team was not in the top 20 (they had 28 teams taking part). They lost to a bunch of makcik-makcik and kakcik-kakcik UMNO. But we went home with a hamper nonetheless. Folks, that's part of the perks of being the wife of a minor celeb, you get a prize just for taking part...ha...ha...ha.

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