Friday, September 4, 2009


I was conned...again. Like a fool I was seduced by those big golden eyes and weak at the knees, succumbed to love. fall in love again...but don't blame me. I am just a mere mortal and she was a temptress with her silver hair streaked with black and her beautiful eyes, it was those eyes, both sad and sparkling at the same time. I was mesmerized and I had to have her, I must have her, she must be mine, there was no other way...and so Princess Leia Chinchilla Reamiey arrived at our doorstep, looking all sweet and fragile...we refer to her as "Angel" because of those beautiful eyes, which looks as if someone had taken a black eyeliner and gone around it several times, just like Angelina Jolie's eyes in "Wanted".

So very fragile....

Back to the story...I was afraid that she would break if I handled her roughly. I planned on keeping her in a cage first to enable her to familiarise herself with her new surroundings, especially as she did not fare very well during the ride from Mantin-Montreal back to our humble abode in Puncak Alam. I was so scared as she was frothing at the mouth and looked half drugged. So I wiped her clean and took her into the bedroom...she lay on the bed for a while and then, slowly raised her head, then her front paws, then her hind legs...and "zoooommmmm!", that's it! All pretence at being a mild mannered little lady was discarded along with some fur and my "Angel" turned into a "Setaaaaannnnnnn!!!!".

Am trying to get some beauty sleep here people!!!

Degil ya...tak nak dengar ya...tengok taring nih...gigit karang baru tau!


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