Sunday, February 7, 2010


On the 22nd of January, 2010, as I was trying to accomplish the feat of putting on my headscarf (right) without the benefit of a mirror (which I have yet to locate in this mess of a house that I'm living in), my husband came bounding up the stairs with a silly grin on his face...and he made this announcement "Kita dah dapat cucu!".

Grandkids? Hello? Reality check! Let's take it one step at a time, I thought we're still trying on the "kids" part?

But the man was beyond help, giddy with excitement..."Ramvong dah beranak!". Ahhhhhh... the weather is now clear (please say this with a "Kedah" slang) . Honey a.k.a. Ramvong has given birth. We thought she was a good girl who dared not venture beyond the gates of the house but alas...she was an "adventurer". We discovered this one night when we arrived home and caught her trying to slip through the fence, and pretend as if she had been in the compound of the house all day long.

We thought she was putting on weight, then her belly grew and grew and grew. Oh no..."Tipah Tertipu!". So we waited. And my hubby was accussing every tom, tom and tom (cat) that passed the house as the perpetrator. much for that.

Honey/Ramvong and her brood!

Anyways, Honey a.k.a. Ramvong gave birth to four healthy kittens. Two males, two females. No names yet. Still thinking about it but at least one is going to be known as Mr. Wolfe...courtesy of CSI MIAMI.

This one is male.

She's cute isn't she? Just two weeks old, eyes still the darkest blue (all kittens are born with blue case you don't know) and still wobbly on her feet.

The other girl, the smallest of the lot...the one with the biggest mouth!

Honey/Ramvong's other son...he was all "meowy" and wriggly when I tried to take this photo.

Hmmm...the pitter patter of little paws will soon be heard all over the house to add to the already existing pitter patter of big paws. And more whiskers will be pushed into my face when I'm trying to catch forty winks (let's just cut that down to ten winks now)...heavenly!!!

Fluffy and sooooo "picitable"!


Pretty kittens all in a row!

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