Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi, it has been sometime since I've written anything. This is what happens when you don't have internet connection at home. I wanted to get the WIMAX thingy but when I made enquiries, I was told that they do not have coverage for Puncak Alam. Alahai, terasa cam duduk kat hujung dunia la pulak. I wanted to langgan Maxis broadband, but when I asked whether there is good coverage in Puncak Alam, the girl who was beria-ia mem "promote" the service tanya I balik, "Puncak Alam kat mana?". The best thing is she was stationed at a shop in Saujana Utama, which is like se "shout" (sepelaung 'kay) saja from Puncak Alam. So terpaksa la guna komputer opis tapi kena la tunggu lepas waktu pejabat...........ketika tinggal sorang-sorang, masa tunggu my husband sampai.......neno, neno, neno, neno (ini bukan bunyi siren polis, ini my version of theme song for "Twillight Zone").

This is me in my own "Twilight Zone"....

Still remember "Twillight Zone"? What a blast from the past. Once upon a time that was the WORD in scary programmes. Now we have "Keliwon". Hmmmm.......did you see the last episode, the one titled "Hantu Kopek"? I wonder if it was intentional that they chose a rather well endowed actress to play the part of the "Hantu Kopek". Still, what I remembered was that the "hantu" will hide children underneath her "ehem" which has succumbed to the powers of gravity rather badly. But then how do you hide four young men (as the hantu did in that particular episode of "keliwon"), all five footers, behind you know what....you must really have gargantuan "ehems".

Talking about blasts from the pasts, last Friday (20/3/2009) I wore my really, really old baju kurung to work. I was not in a good mood and was not up to wearing anything colourful. So I opted for the usual black and white, the safe colour as far as I am concerned. I have lots of blacks and whites, which is something usual for former litigation lawyers. So I arrived in the office and settled down to the daily grind. All went as usual before Bie, one of my colleagues came out of her room. Bie is my GGM's secretary so unlike the rest of us poor mortals, she has a room to herself. I turned and realised that we have both made a fashion boo-boo, we were both wearing something similar. Have a look.........

Roza and Bie dalam pose mengada-ngada di pagi Jumaat.

Thank God, she was only using the same material for her "kain" and not the whole baju kurung (and the fact that her design was bigger and was white on a blue background while mine was white on black).

She asked me "Ko beli kat Kamdar ke?".

My answer was...."La, kat mana lagi!" and suddenly "pling, pling, pling"...... (kalau sinetron Indonesia this is the part where the screen is infused with a rainbow of colours and the pari-pari appears flapping her wings) I "teringat semasa dulu" (I believe there is a song with these exact words).

Those were the days, kalau nak beli kain you have to brave the concrete jungle named Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman/Jalan TAR. Have not been there for yonks. I believe the last time I was there was three years ago when I was shopping for my wedding trousseau (did I spell this right?).

Yes.....I was looking for the lace and bling, bling with the hope that I would look anggun for my wedding. Don't laugh 'kay, I beli kat GULATI's, I repeat GULATI's. Nak beli kat Euro Moda....hmmmm, I was shopping with Ringgit Malaysia and not Euros, 'kay. I remember the days when shopping at Dyalchands (did I get this right as well?) was the in thing.....help! I feel so antique (never old dahling, never in my life!).

Check out Bie's "ambik gambar tepi swimming pool pakai pareo" pose.

Here we are again, same baju kurungs, different pose. I was kinda hoping to hide the "perut" but no chance lah. That's why I was once asked by someone "You pregnant ya?", to which I answered "Trying, still trying....everyday you know..." with a wink.

Tapi sekarang kan, kalau lalu depan "Celebrity Fitness" ke, apa fitness ke, and they try to hulur-hulur the brochure, I will cakap dengan kuat "not fat la....pregnant meh!"....Heh! Heh! Heh!

And now for a "cair" moment. Last week, on Friday, the same day I wore the Kamdar get-up, my hubby and I went to One Utama to have dinner. When we came off the escalator by the Nike shop (in front of Body Shop, old wing), this girl came a running with (surprise, surprise) a brochure for another slimming centre in her hand.

I started to jalan cepat-cepat and just waved my hand and said "No, thank you", but the best thing is my husband intercepted (macam jet pejuang plak kan) the woman and said "Tak apa, tak apa, no need...". Awwwwwww!!!! I so cair like that. Love you Yayang, muah! Muah! Muah!


  1. Wah!..Me with pareo and my pose...ehemm...sure abang odeng pun pengsan...ahaks...

  2. Ermmm...biasa la bila dah masuk Twilight Zone dia tuh, kelui pun x dengaq dah!! Kena la buat tarian bangra baru nak perasan...

  3. amboi.. pose maut tu.. ala2 majalah mangga.. perut tu no hal.. sexy maa.. janji 'Ayang' syayangggg... hahahahaa....

  4. Gambo dgn 'headgear' tu wat i tingat kat satu emel kucin pakai menda sama tgh goyang2 kepala pung ada.. tengah sengih pung ada.. Err.. onglain tak pasan takpa... i siok sendiri.. ngeh ngeh..