Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I did promise to introduce you to the rest of my family kan? Well, I guess today is as good as any day. I am still waiting for Rose to give me her glamour girl photos so I think we will have to settle with the furry four legged members of my family first.

I adore animals, I think they are wonderful. Whenever you look at an animal, you just can't help but marvel at the power of Allah, that such a creature can be created, be it the not so good looking toad, the absolutely gorgeous Lion, the slithering snake and its glittering scales, the fish, the seals, the birds, the bees...You do not have to go far to know that there is a God, because without a God how can we have such beautiful, wonderful creatures in this world.

I am nut about cats, totally absolutely nuts. As far back as I can remember, there have always been cats in the house. Whenever I lose any of my cats, there will be tears and a vehement oath "I'll never have another!", but a few weeks maybe months later and I'll fall in love with another furry bundle and have another meowing friend.

When I married my husband, he was not partial to pets. He never had one. We never discussed about having a cat, I sort of made the decision by myself one day. I don't know what got into me. I can't even remember how it was that I ended up at the pet shop in Uptown, Damansara. All I knew was that I had to have the furry little black bundle with those yellow, yellow, yellow "tanglung" eyes. Thus, I brought BABYLICIOUS SUPERSTAR REAMIEY home. We call him "BABY".

My husband could not understand why I would spend so much money on a cat and he disliked the idea of having to clean the litterbox. There were fights and tears. I was on the verge of having to choose between my lovely BABY and my hubby. Then we found out that I was pregnant and the Vet told my husband that he has to help with the litterbox...and he has been doing that ever since.

And I have never seen someone fall so completely in love with a cat the way my husband did with Baby. The bond got stronger as both of us tried to carry on with life after we lost our son. It was rough but we made has been two years since Baby joined our life and he is still the SUPERSTAR, all five plus kilos of him.

BABY having his daily "dry cleaning" session.

"Ala Ma, can I have some privacy please? How's a boy gonna clean himself with a cameraphone in his face?"

"I am not a pampered cat, I am not a pampered cat, I am not a pampered cat....Ma, can you scratch my tummy please?"

Checkout those eyes....cantik kan kejadian Allah.

I think I'll stop now, I am suddenly too tired to continue. Sometimes I get rather emotional when I talk about BABY, because I just cannot envisage life without him. Funny huh? Well, not to me. I've had him since he was three (3) months old and I have seen him grow, and I know one day I will have to let him go back to Allah. Will I be able to continue? Of course, life goes on but a part of me will always be with BABY... My husband says I think too much....maybe I do...

So I'll stop now, I'll write again soon, and introduce you to Hammie, Darling and Honeyz. Ciao!


  1. cat..ya memang cute...tapi kalu datang kat aku...naya cat tuh...

  2. dulu aku pun ada sorang (sekor) kucing.. lepas dia 'pergi' aku memang tak carik pengganti.. dia la kucing ku dunia dan akhirat.. (sob..sob..sob..)