Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hello....Sebenarnya I am not into all these blogging thingy. Tapi kan hari tu , adalah si Bunga Matahari nih dok minta tolong pasal blog dia, so while I was typing and typing, I was suddenly mesmerized and lost myself in the words and sentences (ewah! ewah!) and terasa "Hmmm, best jugak buat benda nih, Sure Kacang punya, I can do this. Then I dok layan si blog Tulipot, Beez and mamatiamia....sesungguhnya teruja. So I asked Tulipot for her help and ta daaaaaa......Sweet Ginger Brown is born.

I was discussing the idea of creating my own blog with my hubby this morning. He said, "Why Not?". Alahai, so the very supportive. That's why I love you Ayang, muah, muah, muah!

So this is a start. Quite a big step for someone who is not very computer savvy. Tak apa la, I have colleagues who are old hands at this. Before we proceed further, I would like to introduce my not so big family:-

This is my one and only ayah, the love of my ibu's life.

This is my most beloved ibu, the love of my ayah's life, the pillar of strength in mine and the anchor in my dear brother's world.

My parents. Come this September, they would have been married for 45 years. I asked my ibu, how do you stay that long with someone, without wanting to kill him. She said it takes lots and lots of patience and compromise. Hmmmm, I'm a bit low on the patience side....

This is my brother and his family. There is actually a gap of ten years between us. I was already in Primary Five when he was born. Quite a transition from being an only child to a big sister. It was hard to slip into the role of caring elder sister. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother to bits and bits and bits. Nevertheless, it was so much fun having a much shorter person to boss around so it was easier to develop the role of "terrorist" (heh! heh!). Not to say that I have since resigned from the post of resident terrorist to the family, still am and will always remain so. When he was a toddler, my bother looked like an "anak Jepun" in contrast to me, who, as my husband likes to describe it, ada miss miss Preity Zinta!!!! (Ewah! Ewah! Ewah!)
Tolong akok-akok dengae mokcik-mokcik, tak yah muntah 'kay. My husband is looking at me through the eyes of love. Of course la dia nampak I cam Preity Zinta sekejap, cam Ashwarya Rai sekejap (itu pakcik mamak kat kedai Jalan TAR yang cakap, beria-ia kata I cam Aishwarya Rai, kalau tau si Aishwarya dia terus jadi nun!), cam Kate Winslet pun ader, nak kata I ni ada lah sipi-sipi darah Aryan tu kan.

For those who are old enough to remember, a ship named "the Hai Hong" carrying loads of refugees from Cambodia, docked at Port Klang sometime at the end of the 1970's, early 1980's. So me being the angel that I am, told my brother that as he is "sepet" like them, and not have big eyes like me, he must one of them as well and that my ibu actually took pity on him when she found him "hanyut" dalam storm drain...jahat kan, kan, kan.
Then one day, masa tengah hujan lebat kat luar rumah, I repeated the same thing and my brother (he was only about two or three years old at that time) , merajuk tahap dewa tujuh petala langit. Dia siap nak lari dari rumah. Tapi sebelum tu kan, dia sempat masuk bilik and capai satu baju ni, yang one of our family friend, Aunty Tan, knitted for him. Berbekalkan baju tu, ala-ala baju panas la, my brother pun berlari-lari anak gajah cute (masa tu cute, cuba la sekarang.....) nak keluar rumah sambil airmata bercucuran, siap tak pakai kasut lagi. Nasib baik my ibu sempat peluk dia!
Lalu berlatarbelakangkan air hujan, kilat sabung menyabung, berlaku la satu drama tamil. All they needed was the "aaaaaaaaaaa......" song yang selalu main kalau masa part sedih dalam drama/filem Tamil. Got an earful from my ibu after that and was told never to say such things. Yes I have stopped calling him "anak Hai Hong", now I affectionally call him "Dodot". Hey, I am not being mean! He calls me "Grodot" 'kay.

And this little "amoi" is my brother's only child and my parents' only grandchild (to date). Amira "Da Bon Bon". Very naughty, very very spoiled and so very-very-very loved. She'll be three this August but when she was born, I thought she would not make it. She was born premature, not 100% developed and weighing only 1.98 kg. The doctor told us that she may have complications and her development has been monitored by the hospital. She was so small, I was afraid to hold her. But this gutsy little girl is a survivor, passed all the health tests she had to undergo with flying colours. Finally the doctor gave this verdict "Perfect and so very intelligent!". Alhamdulillah! I don't know why but everybody keeps saying that Amira has inherited all my "perangai". Well, I don't think that's something bad, after all I am her Mama. My brother thought there is no need for the Mak Long, Mak Lang, Mak Teh business as there's only two of us. So Amira calls her parents Ayah and Ibu, and calls me Mama and my husband Papa.

Here's a photo of Amira when she was only a few days old.
Her Papa was absolutely terrified when I told him to hold her, he was afraid he'll slip and she'll fall. They're best of friends these ibu said kalau tanya pasal Mama, lepas tu mesti tanya pasal Papa dia. Almaklumla, satu bendera. Hmmmm, there's some truth in husband's a Kelantanese and so is my brother's wife. In fact my brother and I got married about one week apart, so that my wedding kenduri was also the kenduri sambut menantu. Well, we'll get to that part of my life's journey one of these days.

Ini gambar masa Raya 2008, anak dara tu tengah bergaya sakan dengan baju baru dan kasut merah dia. She is really partial to red and pinks and all shades in between. What to do kan, dah pompuan gitu. Tapi ada jugak ulat gonggok nak enter frame.

There are a few others I would like to include namely my cousins, Rose and Mahathir but that will have to wait. I can't seem to find that cd that contains their photos. I'll add them in later. I'll also tell you guys about other members of my family, ie. the furry four legged kind. Till then, ciao and God Bless All.


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