Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hello all, it has been some time since I posted anything new. A lot has taken place since my last post. I was unwell on 30th April, 2009....bad migraine but decided to walk to the clinic which is less than "one pot rice cooking" (ok, ok, I am trying to translate "setanak nasi") from my house. I think " a stone's throw" would be better.

Anyways, there I was, all unstable and dizzy, trying to cross those uneven drains just in front of the shophouses, using the "stoooooopid" tangga kayu when all my gracefulness decided to leave me and I was sent sprawling onto the asphalt, and the "tangga" went into the drain. Aiyoooo....this kakak came out of her car and wanted to lift me with the help of my skinny husband. I wanted to faint but decided not to as then they would really have to angkat me. Tak mau! Tak mau! Then this mamat tak berapa macho with his "DKNY" or "D&G" Petaling Street mari sunglasses wanted to lend a hand. I refused, I really, really wanted to salvage whatever was left of my pride. Nevertheless, I have to say a big thank you to both of them for their concern and offer of assistance. Much obliged!
This is not me but this cat gives a good impression of how I looked like lying on the asphalt after my ungraceful attempt to cross the drain.

So I pun terhencut-hencut ('kay dear, all who do not know what "terhencut-hencut" is, it means "berjalan terhenjut-henjut kerana mengalami kecederaan kepada kaki", 'kay) to the clinic near my house which shall remain nameless as I want to mengumpat the doctor. I waited and waited and waited and waited (that was how long it was) and when I was finally called in, I came face to face with this "chesire cat" of a doctor, big round smiling face, all sweaty and brown. When I told him of my predicament, he said "ini yang orang kata sudah jatuh di timpa tangga". I was in pain but that did not stop me from having murderous thoughts about him at that moment!!!

This is not the doctor, but this is how he would look like if he was a cat!

This is not me but this is how I looked at the doctor after he made his "jatuh ditimpa tangga" comment!

....and this was the expression on my husband's face throughout the ordeal.

Love to all and world peace...till next time, Allah bless all of us!


  1. nasib le tak jatuh longkang cam Kak Pah Ek! tu... patah riuk. Jadi kaki mumia berbulan-bulan...

  2. Masih ramai rakyat penyayang di Mesia ni kan... Kalau lah kucing2 buleh berkata2... Sure mintak royalty sbb foto diaekor telah diexploitasi...

  3. Sungguh bijak ko emn-translate expressi kucing2 seperti di atas... hahahahaa... aku suke sumer esp yang last tu.. so innocent.... hehehee...