Thursday, May 20, 2010


And so the saga continued in the Petit de Maison in the unassuming little village in "8th Mile, Mantin-Montreal"...
The second raya morning...and the family was still keeping to its "lepak" dressing mode, except of course for that "Muay Tai Contender" wannabe trying to hide his little pouch with what suspiciously looks like my pillow...IT IS MY PILLOW!!! Ish, ish, nak kena Mat Bangla nih.

Arose, sebelum mandi, bersantai dengan"satay sejuk" from the night before...

Moi, Arose (yang dah mandi dan wangi) lepak-lepak depan TV dengan ayah...(you can only see his knees).

Amira da Bon Bons, buat muka "cute" lepas kena marah sebab tak berhenti makan gula-gula dengan coklat.

Amira and Arose in "fighting mode". Ayah was doing a "Switzerland" ie. keeping himself cool and impartial. And my pillow was again a victim of someone's need to cover "ze bulge"!!!

Acik Ujang's Family, Along, Atai, Cik Nab and Angah, while waiting for us to get into "our gear", before leaving for Melaka with ayah, ibu and Amira to attend anak Mak Teh's, engagement.
Ibu ku yang sentiasa jelita di mata ku. One in a million!

My brother Adi, his wife Sue and their daughter Amira...soon there'll be four of them.

My ayah and ibu...soulmates...they will be celebrating their 46th Anniversary come this September and I pray they have many, many more.

The family...except for ayah and ibu who were going off to attend the function at Mak Teh's house in Malacca, the rest of us actually got dressed especially for this photo session. InsyaAllah this year there'll be further additions, Adi's 2nd child, my baby, Mader's wife and two kids. I guess we need more space now.

My bothers and sister.

My hubby and me.

Arose and Mader. Despite the apparent difference in coloring and the not so apparent difference in attitude, these two are siblings, same mum and dad. Tak tau kenapa, yang sorang tu bulan gerhana sikit.

Moi and Adi...ten years older than him and some people thinks he's my elder brother...Yesss!!! Awet muda uols! Tak tahaaaannnnn!!!

Moi and Arose.

Arose...what this young woman has been through in her life would make most of us break down and give-up...but she's still around, still fighting and I pray she will one day find her Prince.

Three generation of ladies of the "Batu 8 Clan of the Bear-Bears"...we are all lovable and huggable. Don't believe me? Just ask our men.

Mr Poyores Al Bangla and me hubby...don't ask me why one is grinning like a (black) cheshire cat while the other is trying to look so "official".

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