Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I've got an invite to a birthday barbeque after work tomorrow but alas I will not be able to make it. What a waste, the lady (who also happens to be the second in command in the department, so she's me Boss) who invited me is a great cook. It's to celebrate her twin daughters' birthday. Would be fun but after a day at the office, all I can afford to do in the evening is crawl into bed and pretend to watch the footie match on the telly. Ahhh, barbeques. Had a few at the petit-de-maison in "Mantin-Montreal" but it wasn't anything fancy. Wish I had my boss' funky high end barbeque set and the lovely setting that is her house to go with it. But...we have to make do with what we have, so it was the round barbeque set (which we got free from Proton Edar after spending a small fortune on the car maintenance) and the backyard at Mantin-Montreal.

Pagi Raya Haji...Anak daro den melaram habis pakai kebaya! Anak daro yang lagi sorang tu den raso "ehem, bau asham..."armpit" siapa "toot"!

Ish, ish, ish...Papa dengan anak daro dio. Papa pun raso eh, ado bau-bau "gambin".

Anak dara zaman sekarang, Bukan main pandai, melaram.

Arose dengan gaya "Chipmunk"! Cute gitewwwww! Asalkan the shot is above the "empire line", if bawah sikit nanti nampak "the entire empire" (emphasis on the "tire" = "tyre" - same pronounciation, different spelling only maaa!)

Ewah, dua jejaka "hashem" ("handsome" the way Amira pronounces it). One to blow on the "arang" [as any stray pieces of "arang" will not be detectable on him - I am mean, I am mean, I am very mean!] and one to "kipas" the "arang" into life.

Arose and Mader (when life was simpler and Mader was still just Mader)...note the loveliness of my cousin Arose's curvy figure...very the lentik uols! But there is a secret...perut pun lentik jugak and ianya tidaklah lentik ke dalam...get what I mean?

The chicken and the beef, which had been marinating for a whole night, undergoing its "trial by fire".

The smell was so "wonderful" even the cats were attracted! Dey tanggachiiii, itu daging juga jangan kasi sama kaler macam itu Mader, vokeh!

Anak daro den dah paneh! Nakdo laie kebaya, berlengging ajo. Anak daro sorang laie tu memang cas lawa dari awal, tapi tak po la, dio rajin jago daging, jago api...cayang Aunty Alosh!

The result. Don't look without eye (direct translation - jangan pandang tak ada mata), the colour may have been a bit dark but the taste was superbly delicious! Look out AFC, soon you'll be begging for my recipes and it'll be "Thrilling for a Grilling with Roza"...ha! Ha! Ha!

My coleslaw!!! Success!!!

My mashed potatoes - also a success!!! I'ts sooooooo gooood...from the front to the back...oppss, that's a line from the song "Body Beautiful" by "Salt n Pepa". Over pulak!

The deserted back side of the house after all was over and done with...*BURP*...I mean the deserted BACKYARD, BACKYARD! Sometimes my brain just refuses to provide the right words and I figured "bahagian belakang" translated becomes "back side". I guess I was not quite correct...

Anak daro den dah mandi, pakai baju lain pulak sambil tayang-tayang selipar "bling-bling" yang Aunty Alosh beli kat Bangkok.

If she likes it, it must be good...coz this young lady is rather finicky when it comes to food.

Raya Haji 2009 was the way a family gathering should be despite the overcast sky. The rather moody weather forced everyone into the house, good food, good company, good conversation where no one took offence coz everything's in jest, the warm lazy feeling where you are free to be yourself, no need to impress, just bring your own skin and be comfortable in it coz no one's judging...I wonder if we'll ever feel that way again...

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