Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hmmmm, he did it again. My hubby conveniently forgot my birthday again last year. Waaaaaaaaaa!!! So very the sedih. Okay, so I exxagerate. He didn't forget...but he was the third person to wish me "Happy Birthday" and we live in the same house! He should have been the first! Okay, okay, it's me being the spoilt brat that I sometimes am. So there was the usual "tamil drama" and tears, and snot (spoil jer la hingus nih!) and the "you memang tak sayang I"...ish, ish, ish...sesungguhnya gua memang drama queen. But then he made up for it...hmmmm...niceeee...don't ask for details...they are not for the faint-hearted...ha! Ha! Ha!

However a few days later he got me flowers and chocolates...the man definitely knows the way to my heart (not to mention tummy) pending the actual birthday gift, and this blog, although long delayed is to record for posterity the loveliness of the flowers.

I luurrrvveeeeee roses...very much! And I am partial to chocolates as well.

Bunga kembang...hati ku pun kembang...unfortunately badan ku pun kembang jugak!, la, la, la, la...

The card...also so full of love one...I hope it'll stay this way until death do us part.

The roses and chocolates in the car...just after I received it from my hubby...

The venue wasn't some exotic faraway island paradise, just the basement parking at One Utama Old Wing but I was in seventh Heaven...God, I'm so easy to please am I not?

Aku sungguh terharu...muka tengah tahan airmata daripada bercucuran...ish, drama sungguh uols!

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