Sunday, June 27, 2010


After much anticipation, my sister in law, Sue (who is my brother's wife) gave birth to a healthy baby girl about two (2) weeks ago. So now, I am Mama and my husband is Papa to two "anak daras". Due to several unforseen circumstances I was not able to visit my new niece until recently. By then both mum and newborn were safely back in their home in Kota Warisan, Salak Tinggi. But I finally managed to waddle my way to my brother's house yesterday and had my first meeting with my latest "anak dara" folks, here's introducing "Nur Alisha Zahari"!
Alisha, just a few days old and still in Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban.
Hmmm...anak dara ni kuat muncung...photocopy atuk dia. Don't believe me? Check out the photo of her Atuk.

I told you! The little lady looks exactly like her "granpere" - right down to the hairstyle!

The elder sister...Amira...always, always, centre stage.

The two courtesy of Aunty Alosh.

Nur Alisha, now about two weeks old...all nice and comfortable in the arms of her "nenek".

I wonder what she's dreaming about...

Whatever it is, it must be good judging by her wide smile (Probably she got some inside info from the "BIG MAN UPSTAIRS" that England will be kicked out of the World Cup).

Alisha: "What???!!! You're going to allow then to score one goal??? No, no, no...let it be 10 to 0 in favour of Germany...please, please, pretty please!!!". Alisha, giving the whole apartment (not to mention the whole apartment block!) a preview of her voice...this little lady's got a good pair of lungs on her.

Ya Allah...sayang, naper marah sangat tu??? Ish, ish, ish...muncung sungguh anak Mama yang sorang nih...memang macam Atuk dia.

Alisha; "Pa, are you done yet? You're disturbing my beauty sleep...ngantuk nie, ngantuk!!!"

Papa and his two girls...Alisha: "Laa...lepas Papa, Mama pulak sambung main kamera...bilo la den nak dapek tido nih?"

The sleep of the young and innocent...All love Sayang, always...sugar & spice and everything nice

Amira and her Nenek...I love them both so very much!

To Alisha, C'est La vie Mon Cherie! Welcome to the party! It's time to rock and roll! Remember always...I've got your back.

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  1. COngrats Roza!!! Cant imagine little Adi having TWO bouncing baby gals oredi!!! Next will be yours ...TAK sabarrrrr...:D...Sama nama with my niece - but hers is Elisya...:D