Thursday, May 21, 2009


We are on a roll here!!! Let's continue talking about food. Well, one rather overcast afternoon, I was invited by Niza and Kak Siti to join them on an expedition to seek out the new "Ariani Boutique" in Kota Damansara.

When we arrived the sky was dark and threatening to rain. There was a strong wind blowing, macam kat over the sea.....waaaaaaa!!!!!!! Den terimbau konangan silam....masa muda-muda dulu....

Anyways, the shop was nice, uncluttered, the air-conditioning working well (heh,! best!) and the scrafs were to die for! Semuanya in pastel colours, so sheer and pretty. Tetapi harganya pun agak pretty la dulu hasrat untuk memiliki.

Alahai, ni dah lari topik ni. Well, after Niza the Sunflower did her bit for the country's economy (dia shopping la) we all piled into Kak Siti's Honda City (cute kan? Siti's Honda City) and on our way back, Kak Siti drove past this Chinese Muslim Restaurant - Dong Yi Shun. Semua orang pun berjanji untuk makan di situ satu hari nanti.

Malam tu, my hubby and I faced our usual problem...nak makan kat mana? So, feeling rather adventurous (which was quite a gamble as my hubby is quite finicky when it comes to food, can you believe it, he hates pasta and is not too partial to cheese), I drove off to Kota Damansara and we parked the car right in front of the restaurant. We were greeted by a young indonesian girl who ushered us to our seats. She then brought us the menu. Like Mum's Place we were spoilt for choice, the menu was vast. Thank Allah, the girl was able to give suggestions and could answer our questions regarding the dishes.

This is a photo of the main entrance. Sorry the name (in neon lights) is unclear...mine is but a cameraphone from the lower caste of the NOKIA hierachy.

This was the bill...just to confirm the name of the restaurant. It's rather smudgy...blame it on the good food.

We finally ordered : two plates of white rice, 2 glasses of longan (I then added a glass or apple juice...yummy!), a plate of sizzling black pepper beef, a plate of crispy abalone and a plate of spicy garoupa. The beef arrived first, sizzling and spitting away on its plate whih is in the shape of a bull...don't believe me, check out the photos.

The beef dish...spitting away.

'Allo hombre, it's ze bull's you believe me?

We were hungry, so we belasah the beef first...sedap! Then the abalone arrived, pun sedap, tatsed like chicken tapi lagi best, and finally the garoupa.....hmmmmm.......pun sedap jugak. Here comes the photos!

The abalone...not to be eaten alone as the portion is huge, even by my standards!

The Garoupa....kurang rupa tapi sedap rasa.

While we were satisfying our hunger, a malay couple and their teenage daughter watched us. Then the man approached us and introduced himself as the owner. Asked us about the food, we said it was good. Seems that the owner used to work in China, and he was introduced to the restaurant. When he came back home, he decided to take on the franchise and opened a restaurant at The Summit. Two years later they decided to open a branch at Kota Damansara and alhamdulillah, my hubby and I were given the opportunity to enjoy the food. The manager of the shop in Kota Damansara is actually the son or is he the son-in-law (I forget) of the actual owners in China.

My thirst quenching apple cool and delicious.

The food is different from the usual chinese fare you get here in Malaysia. It's rather spicy and quite appealing to the palate. Should try it's in Kota Damansara, housed in one of those brown buidings just in front of the Kota Damansara Giant Hypermarket (unfortunately I gave the flyers to a friend and can't give the actual address here). The food is good, the decor brings to mind the chinese coffee shops of yore, and the price will not take the joy out of the meal. So go on then, give it a try next time you are lost in the ever winding maze that is Kota Damansara.

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  1. Bila leee den boleh makan hidang kat sana...2,3 kali dah pegi...tapi just taste-ting & testing simple2 menu like fried noodles, soups & dumplings...

    Menu dia pelik2 skit, tapi sedap2...'tajuk' pun susah nak sebut...itu yg buat u teruja nak try semua...diorang pun baik2...siap recommend lagi their speciality food which is best among the best...