Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's been some time but I am back. There are a lot of things that I want to add but I just did not have the time. Kengkadang saje malas kot. Well, as stated above, this is still about the fateful day we had a an accident with a motorcyslist and his pillion rider.
So, here goes...after not being able to get the Moonlighting Bombaman to pay us any compensation we decided to make a police report. We went to the Police Station in Kampung Baru but was instructed to go to the Police Station in !@#$%^&*>. I CANNOT MENTION THE ACTUAL LOCATION, i MIGHT GET SUED FOR DEFAMATION. aNYWAYS, THE ACTIONS OF A FEW DOES NOT REFLECT THE ATTITUDE OF THE WHOLE STATION.
We arrived at the station and I had to take my number from this machine which was guarded by a young policeman in very tight pants. I am not being funny ok, he was sitting in a very laid back manner, both legs far apart...I think he was trying to make a point or maybe he was just trying to impress us with his "other firearm". Bro, orang tengah tensen, TAK ADER MAKNANYA OK! Gaya poyo jer, rasa nak sumbat nombor tu dalam mulut dia. Sorry la, orang lain punya blog penuh dengan suasana gumbira, I punya ni ganas sikit 'kay. Biasa la, I never conformed to the norm, always marching to the beat of a different drummer, always taking the path less trodden. OK, enough, enough....
So when my number came up, I went before this pakcik, agaknya dia ni tinggal dua tiga hari lagi nak pencen, punya lah menaip satu-satu...took him a good forty five minutes to type out my less than 100 word report. Rasa nak menjerit!!!!!! Then I was told that I had to see Sgt. @#$%^&*!. So, duduk lagi, tunggu lagi, pakcik polis nak pencen tu dok print my report asyik salah, tunggu lagi, tak tau berapa lama, malas nak tengok jam dah, i finally got my report and Sgt. @#$%^&*! was finally free to see us.
So jeng...jeng...jeng...we had to go into the bowels of the police station (kat belakang jer sebenarnya, I am just exxagerating) , knocked on a door with the sign "Sarjen @#$%^&*!" and went into a haze of cigarette smoke. Alahai, mamat ni ker????????
Sebenarnya my hubby and I dok perhati Sgt. @#$%^&*! ni. Setiap kali dia pergi tengok kereta yang eksiden, which is every five minutes or so, dia light a ciggie. Bila balik, the ciggie would be down to its last embers (is this correct?). Kita orang sungguh terkesima dengan kerakusan dia hisap rokok. So duduklah dalam that cramped little room, with his face behind a haze of cigarettes smoke. Dia pun dengan gaya poyo bertanya soalan-soalan yang kononnya akan memerangkap I. mamat ni sungguh la MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig)! Apa pun I said dia akan twist and turn and cuba jugak nak buat I kata I caused the accident. But of course he gleefully took down the Indon's number and name...I don't want to mention the obvious. you blame people for having such a bad impression of the Police Force?
I kata I dah pasang signal, dia kata "Pasang signal jer tak cukup, you kena himpit ke kiri atau ke kanan ikut signal tu". I kata I dah himpit dah, so much so that I was on top of the white line (divider line tengah jalan tu), dia kata "Itu you cakap, I mesti tanya penunggang motor". Bila I senyum sarcastic kat dia (This is my own assumption 'kay....memang la kau nak cari dia kan, dia indon kan, kan, kan...senangla kau kan, kan, kan...), dia cepat-cepat alihkan muka and started talking to my husband. Everything that happened after that was a blur, because I was numb.
HELLO!!!!!!!! I have just been involved in a car accident, my car is a mess, I am still traumatised and you have proceeded to traumatise me further! Langsung tak people friendly! Apa la salahnya kalau berhati perut sikit. Bukan suruh pegang tangan atau bagi duit repair kereta, a little compassion will do. But hey...this is life, raw and unedited!
So, I left and drove home in another haze of tears.......and made a promise to myself and my dear beloved Waja, I will try to drive much, much better because I do not want to have to deal with them...the PULES...again. Menyakitkan hati dan perasaan jer! I know that there are a lot of fine upstanding PULES out there, but these few bad apples gives the whole force A BAD NAME!

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