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It's me again. I think I'll talk about food today. Everybody else's blog seems to have such photos, so I think I'll give it a go. I love going out to eat as I luuuuurrrrrvvvvveeee food...muah! Muah! Muah! (to food). However I never thought about taking photos of the places I go to eat at. Then I saw a few other blogs and decided maybe I'll give it a go....but seriously I probably won't be doing this on a regular basis. Pure laziness folks...and the fact that I (still) don't have internet connection at home or own a card reader (have to do something about that soon).


I read about this place on Sunflower's blog. Seemed like a swell place and the photo of the masak asam pedas made my mouth water like Niagara Falls (have to go there someday). So off we went, my hubby and I, my mouth in a "muncung" which would have accomodated twelve reels of ribbon (we had a fight....what else is new).

We were early (I think) and had no problem with parking. A word of advice, try to park near the entrance of the restaurant. You will appreciate it when you waddle out of the place, your tummy distended with good food.

So we walked in, hmmm.....nice furniture....I cannot afford any of it...

Ketika menunggu makanan, perkara yang bermain-main di fikiran suami ku.."Biar la bini aku ni tak buat perangai merengek nak kerusi meja kat sini plak, habis botak aku nanti....."

You see the restaurant is also the showroom for the furniture that is being sold so you can buy the actual chair that you are seating on. All the very imported one, hokay, very the classy, classy, classic with loads and loads of ukiran like that. They even have a full size marble statue of a woman with certain parts of her anatomy (ehem!) anatomy exposed. I sat facing the statue but soon forgot about her...babes and gents, no half naked marble statue can compete with a Jenahak, 'kay, the Jenahak will always win.

The half-naked statute. I made sure my hubby did not sit facing it.

The gorgeous and so sexy Jenahak masak Asam Pedas Parit Jawa.

The waiters and waitresses were friendly and good. We were attended to by one malay girl. Fulamak....rambang mata tengok menu...lapar pulak tu so sifat-sifat tamak tu pun mula menular.....

We ordered: one air bandung, one lime juice (Piau beb!), two nasi putih, one regular masak asam pedas Parit Jawa (Ikan Jenahak), one regular terung goreng cili padi, one regular tomyam seafood and one regular sotong goreng.

Kali pertama merasa the limau juice...sedap...hilang kewarasan fikiran sekejap!

Gambar yang senonoh sedikit...after my sanity returned...heh! Heh!

The waitress smiled and gave us some very sound advice..."Portion ni besar, takut tak habis nanti"......maka bertelagah la perasaan tamak dengan perasaan tak nak membazir.

Alhamdulillah, tak nak membazir we axed the sotong.

I sat next to this "young lady" who was probably praying that I will remember not to minta nasi tambah...unfortunately her prayers were not tambah please!

Didn't have to wait long, the dishes arrived and we started eating (Allah knows I was hungry like a Lycan by then). Ya Allah, heaven.......memang sedap. No wonder Raja Nazrin of Perak, Tun Che Det, Pak Lah, Tengku Adenan (former minister) and several celebs have eaten here. I append herewith the photos...of the food and my hungry hubby enjoying it.

The WALL OF of the who's who in Malaysia who have satisfied their hunger (for food only, 'kay) at Mum's Place in Damansara Perdana.

What we ordered.

Terung goreng cili...closer view.

Tom yam seafood.

My hubby enjoying the food and washing it all down with his "Air Bandung Cincau".

Ya Allah, lapar betul rupanya suami aku!

The whole meal cost us about RM101/-. Some may say its a bit pricey for three dishes and two drinks, but it was worth every single sen, anyways it was Jenahak. I am going back there again, this time I'm bringing my ayah and ibu along.

Needless to say, I waddled out of the reataurant hand in hand with my hubby, in good spirits...the "muncung" forgotten and discarded in the pinggan with whatever was left of the Jenahak.

Tulang-tulang berselerakan...

To the people at Mum's Place...keep up the good work! Kudos to you guys. And a big thank you to the lady who attended to us and made the experience even more pleasurable. I did not get her name. But if you have the chance to go to Mum's Place and you see a malay waitress, slightly plump, wears her hair in a ponytail and a pleasant smile, then she's the one.

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  1. Hahhh...Sedap kann?? Bebila kita pi lunch ngan kengkawan2 plak nak tak?