Thursday, June 4, 2009


My hubby and I have been living in Puncak Alam for about 4 months now but we have yet to get everything in order. So we still have to eat out everyday. Mind you, the issue of "Nak makan kat mana?" have caused several rows and free flow of tears and "You tak sayang I!", all very tamil drama (minus the thunder and lightning and pouring rain, thank Allah).

In our quest for food (makes us sound like neanderthals, don't it) we have been to quite a few places, good ones, bad ones, good waiters, bloody idiotic waiters like the one in JOHNNY'S RESTAURANT who practically threw the fork and spoon at us and the equally idiotic waiter at KLUANG STATION who refused to let me sit where I wanted to sit even though the restaurant was not even half full and it was past 9.00 p.m.! Both were BANGLADESHIS!

Not to say that Malaysians are not equally rude. There was that boy in that Kopitiam in Saujana Utama who only gave us the menu after 15 minutes of waiting and made us wait another 15 to 20 minutes before deeming it fit to walk past our table and when we indicated that we were ready to order (Hello, we waited a good half and hour already) had the gall to say "tunggu la" when those who came in after us were already eating or at least had their drinks served! So we walked out, like we walked out of Kluang Station, like when I lost it in "Rasamas" because the "oh so properly dressed cik adik" who took our order forgot the mushroom soup and garlic bread (service was at a snail's pace) but then wanted to bill us for the unserved and thus uneaten items. Everyone who came in, and of course ordered after us got their mushroom soup and bread. I am not asking to be treated like royalty, but some courtesy would be appreciated.
I am not being nasty. I am usually quite amicable, very humble. Am not trying to "masuk bakul angkat sendiri" but the humility was hard earned. I learnt it when I was scrubbing six floors of toilets and cleaning floors in the United Kingdom. But I lose it if someone is discourteous. Sometimes it makes you want to scream...(please scroll down)...

I GIVE UP!!!!!!!
(This is Darling Sweetheart Reamiey in his "Please rub my tummy...somebody! Anybody!" pose)
Anyways, back to the quest for food. We found this place at the Promenade in One Utama. It's called the "Assam Pedas Place". The asam pedas is quite good and the price is pocket friendly. The best thing, I like those who attended to us. They were courteous....and that is priceless. I really hope they can maintain it.

So...if your pocket's too tight for those high-end restaurants but you feel like eating asam pedas, check out the "Assam Pedas Place" at the Promenade.

My hubby ordered "lychee kang".

I ordered "Ribena Limau". I like Ribena, tu sebab badan pun cam ribena berry.

What we ordered, "seperiuk" masak asam pedas jenahak each.

Suami ku makan dengan penuh bersemangat.

Ya Allah, kau limpahkan lah rahmat ke atas lelaki yang makan sampai keluar hingus ni dan jadikan dia antara yang sentiasa menerima hidayah Mu! Amin!

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