Friday, June 5, 2009


I never thought that it would happen. I trusted him so much. But on that day, all my idyllic fantasies were dashed when I caught my husband in a compromising position with not one, but two "others" in our bed.

Can you imagine it? They were all snuggling comfortably on "OUR" bed, the one that he shares with me! Oh, the heartbreak, the tears, the snot (well, snot always accompanies tears, doesn't it?). But thank Allah, I was able to catch them in action on my phone's camera. Here are the photos! But mind you they are rather graphic so viewer discretion is advised...

Lihatlah dunia, suamiku bukan main lagi dengan Bear-Bear dan Duck-Duck...seronok la tu, susah nak bangun la tu...waaaaa!!!!! Akan ku sampaikan kepada ibu MARtuaku!

Woit bangun la wahai suamiku yang sedang berdengkur...jom la gi breakfast...lapar nih! Karang I kurus baru you tau!

AMBOIIIIII...Makin kita suruh bangun, makin dia melekat dengan si Duck-Duck ni ya. Aku cubit jugak nanti nih!

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