Thursday, June 4, 2009


I did mention that baby has two siblings did I not? Well I've introduced Darling, so now it's the time to introduce Honeyz Manja Reamiey.
Honeyz is a female (I made sure of that) and unlike her two brothers who are mixed Persians she is a mongrel or a "moggie" as the Brits like to call them. In layman terms, she is an "alleycat" ...Kerana kau ku masih di sini...Kerana kau ku bisa menangis...Sorry but NO, NOT that type of Alleycat! God forbid I should arrive home one day and find her with an afro!

Anyways we were having dinner at this kedai tom yam in Puncak Alam when she came a begging, a scrawny, dirty little kitten who could barely walk. Kesian sangat, so we took her home. Letak dia dalam sangkar and gave her food. She made lots of noise despite her "keding" appearance and Baby was turning his nose up at her. His expression was, "Apa lagi ni Ma?".
That was about three months ago. Now she is clean, sleek and healthy, not to mention very active (habis Baby dengan Darling kena bully) and she purrs like a motoboat whenever I have her in a tight hug. Nakal sesangat sampai Papa dia pun surrender. Tak mendengar cakap tapi kan kalau dia buka those "baby greens" at you, memang boleh cair punya la ( least I cair la).

"Hi Mama...what's that in your hands?"
Honeyz dalam pose ala-ala "America's Next Top Model" bawah rak kasut kat luar rumah.

"Can I come closer? I just want to get a better look at that flashy thingy you have in your hands".

"Hmmmm...what does it do? Can I have it? Can I? Can I? Can I?"

Cubaan makan handphone!

Muka budak nakal tak dapat handphone.

"Mama tak bagi handphone, orang gigit Mama!"

Honeyz the Super Cat dalam cubaan mencatat rekod dunia dengan mengangkat Mamanya yang seberat lori pick-up! Malangnya tak berjaya sebab tergeliat ekor!

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  1. Miaw cam nih I suka...Hi Honeyz!! Nak dok umah I tak??