Thursday, March 11, 2010


Salam and a good day to all! I'm rather perky today. Arrived in the office "sesudah subuh" as my hubby is the producer for this morning's breakfast show at KLfm. Was on leave yesterday as I had an appointment with the folks at Putrajaya Hospital.

Aaaahhhhh...the view from the rear...bumper power beb!

We arrived at the hospital around 7.12 a.m. but there was already a long queue waiting for numbers at the registration counter. Then I realised that my appointment has been fixed for 12.00 p.m. Alamak!!!! Nevertheless, the nice nurse at the Endocrine Clinic changed the time to 8.30 a.m. and I was given a number, "3018". Hmmm...nice number, 4D TOTO anyone?

What???!!! Only two chins??? Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat Allah, ingatkan lebih.

Not long after, I was duly registered, weighed (now I feel like a a piece of meat...but mind you if I was beef, I would be that extremely expensive beef from cattle grown on that island in Japan, I can't, for the life of me, remember the name) and measured. Thank Allah, there was enough of the tape to go around my...ehem!... rather massive girth.

Gaya menggoda bersama sepinggan nasi dagang di pagi Raya yang tak berapa hening.

Then I was ushered into the doctor's consultation room. Young , fresh faced doctor. A Chinese chap with a goatee...hmmm, its usually Malays that have this almost fanatical obsession with facial hair. Anyways, something different everyday. It adds spice to life.

Mine!!! All mine!!! Muarghahahahaha (gelak jin Ahmad Albab)!

He was very pleasant. It was nice talking to him. For once I didn't feel like like I was being interrogated for falling foul of the ISA. Doctors... and I do have to concede that only some, not all...have this knack of making you feel guilty.

"What???!!! You had one OREO in three months???!!! You are beyond help! Off with your head! Take her away nurse and do it quietly behind the cafetaria."

Anyways, this young doctor managed to get his point across without being nasty, overbearing or preachy. And he has registered me for a "Workshop on Obesity". He said it comprises of a physiotherapy session where they teach you how to exercise, a support group meeting (Yes! I confess! The sight of a "Kinder Bueno" bar makes my knees weak!) in the morning and in the afternoon, the usual consultation.

Hmmmm...the thought of the support group makes me feel rather wicked. It's as if I have a dirty, little...or in my case not-so-little...secret and I'll be spilling the beans in the company of strangers. It brings to mind visions of the "AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)", though I have never been to one. Pass by 44 Angels (selisih Malaikat 44 la)!.

Auwwwww!!! Gemuk-gemuk pun mak jelita nyah! Kalau mak kurus, Giselle Bunchen pun kalah!

So I'll be off to my first "Fatties Anonymous" meeting on 1st June, 2010. I 'll let you know what happens. Enjoy your day! It's a gift!


  1. Lovely post - the perk factor radiates through your words and left me feeling perky too!! Ahhh...cant wait for Giselle Zahari to burst through :D.

    All the best darling - am rooting for you!!!

  2. Ya Allah, yessss!!!! Imagine being able to fit into those lovely, albeit rather "narrow" jubahs on sale in PKNS. Heaven!!!