Wednesday, March 24, 2010


These are the men in my life...the men I love.

My oh my, aren't they a good looking lot? From the left: my hubby, my cousin Mader, my one and only Ayah, and my dearest brother, Adi. This is how they look when they are upright and awake...But sometimes they are not so upright and awake...and guess who was there with her handy cameraphone?

It's Mader...believe me it's my cousin Mader...all tuckered out and asleep on the sofa in (what was then) the dining room. I blame it on the "lighting" and my cheap Nokia...yeah, right!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

My ayah...on the same long suffering sofa...(you can tell it's been with us for some time based on the cracks in the leather) what is now the TV room...caught in his favourite pose in front of the TV. Try switching the channel and he'll just awaken and you'll hear the favourite phrase "I was watching that, why did you change the channel?". So you dutifully change the channel back and lo and behold, my ayah will be back in his favourite pose, with the TV watching him. I love him so very much, my Ayah.

My hubby. No , he was not on the same sofa, he was on the two-seater, trying his best (and I might add succeeding) to imitate his father-in law...awwwww...siannya anak Mok Nab from Kota Baharu, Kelantan.

And this pose "mengancam giler" was given by my brother when he took his turn on the two seater in the TV room...macho habis...nasib baik la semuanya sudah di cukur!!!

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  1. Kelakar tengok posing2x yang "mengancam"...On serious note you are indeed blessed :D.Syukur Alhamdullilah :D