Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dear Mak Long,

Your eldest, Mader a.k.a The Bangla, Pak Black etc. etc., is getting married. Yup, after so many "pelamin angan ku musnah" I guess this time his "pelamin angan" will actually materialise. The "lucky" lady is from Negeri Sembilan, though the whole family is currently residing in Selayang. She's a divorcee with two daughters.

Mader ( wonder he was sitting like a "pengantin", praktis rupenya!) and Arose.

The one in blue and looking so "tersipu-sipu" is Mader...the one whose trying to imitate Donald Duck hubby. Kenapo la cam tu lak rupo laki den nih?

The "merisik" and engagement is scheduled to take place on 2nd May, 2010 and the wedding on 29th May, 2010. Your daughter, Arose and moi are in charge of the "hantaran" and such. The "grown-up" adat-adat and religious procedure will be handled by ayah and ibu with Acik Ujang, Anjang, Atih Duan, Pak Busu etc.

Mader and Amiera...Raya Puasa 2009.

I guess everything is coming along fine. We had a small pow-wow last Wednesday, 17th March, 2010 at KLCC. Present were moi (as usual with hubby in tow), Mader and Arose. We managed to discuss the matter as calmly as possible although I'm sure you know how much Arose and I love to launch a "tag-team" attack on Mader. We didn't flatten him or anything...just gave him the occassional "dush, dush, kapowwww" (ikut sound effect scene tumbuk filem tamil). I think he escaped with a mere "bloody nose" and a few bengkak-bengkak here and there. We love him Mak Long, we do!!!!!!!...(imagine montel fluffy cat with big, big yellow eyes batting her eyelashes at you)...Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (gelak evil tahap dewa gaban 7 petala langit). his Muay Tai costume.

The only trouble we seem to be having is with the colour scheme. Your bakal menantu is always spouting out things like "cantikkkkkkknyyyyyaaaaaaaa warna hijau pucuk pisang ni kan" or some other colour that will not go well with Mader's...ehem...TANNED tahap "kek kukus gula hangus" complexion. I know this because I went shopping with them last Saturday, 13th March, 2010 at PKNS, Shah Alam. Managed to settle their "baju nikah" issue. It's beige. Mader wanted something grey (and the material was like satin, all shiny). Thank Allah I managed to talk him out of that but even then only after finding the material and basically winding it around his neck. Ha managed to see the "light"...Ya Allah, mengerlit Mak Long rasa nak nyanyi "the future's so bright I've got to wear shades". So everytime your bakal menantu makes any suggestion that would make Mader look like the body double to MGR, I stepped in and used my veto power as elder sister to stop it.

Hmmm...camana nak describe ni? Chocolate mocha? Cappucino? Frappucino? Milo kurang susu?

This is not just a photo of a t-shirt. There's a person wearing the t-shirt, folks...look closely...ha! ha! ha!

I would be making the "hantaran" myself. Arose and I have chosen lilac, maroon and white/ivory as the colours for Mader's "hantaran" to Lin (that's your bakal menantu's name). We have requested that Lin's "hantaran" to Mader be "baby blue and white". Lin wanted to do the hantaran in "chili red and white" but Arose and I didn't actually like the combination.

Renungan bakal pengantin...ewah! Cakpong! Cakpong! Cakpong!

Apapun Mak Long, no matter how much we make fun of him, Mader is our blood and Arose and I both just want the best for him. We love him and we try our best to protect him...we protect him so fiercely Mak Long that he describes us as the "lionesses" to all his girlfriends. Tak apa, biar dia orang risau sikit so tak ada yang cuba-cuba buli dia.

Arose and Mader...check out the "bumper"...nak buat camana, it's in the blood. All the ladies in the family have fabulous "bumpers".

Mader and moi...he looks so much like my Atuk Latiff. Well, where would the gravy fall if not onto the rice, right?

The "lionesses"!

It will be Mader's day, and based on our family history of lifetime commitment, InsyAllah it will be the only wedding ceremony he will go through for the rest of his life. So, we will try our best to make it as beautiful and sweet as possible. I am no expert but I will try my best to make you proud with the "hantaran" and Arose and I will look out for any "unacceptable" colour combinations.

My hubby, Mader, my brother Adi and Amiera Da Bon Bons. Ondai ai, rancak banar wa-ang yo Mader, alah cando hero filem tamil.

I'm meeting Mader and Lin again this Saturday. We'll be looking for the "barang hantaran" and the decorations as well. When that's done we'll be adjourning to KLCC to see Arose. She'll be the one deciding on the colour of the "baju bersanding". All final decision is hers, as she is stepping into your shoes in this situation. And I must say, you should be very proud of your daughter. She's a fine woman. All the trials and tribulations which she has had to face in her life has turned Arose into a survivor, a strong woman who knows what she wants and where she's going in her life. And like the rest of the women in the family, she loves wholly and fiercely. The man she chooses to be her husband, will be lucky indeed.

Arose...posing giler lepas jaga "barbeque" Raya Haji 2009.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens on Saturday.

Mak Long...we wish you were here......we miss you...


  1. nasib baik la ekau lotak gamba den yg da abis ditapis yo...kalu tidak potong stim arr...heheheheh...thank u was sweet of u saying all these thing... love u...xoxo

  2. All I can say is I dont dare mess with the Lionesses...woo hoo. Tahniah Abg Mader - semoga perkahwinan dan mahligai di limpahi berkat Allah SWT.